A US warship and several merchant ships attacked in the Red Sea: claim by Yemen’s Houthi rebels


By John

A American warship and different commercial vessels were attacked today in Red Seain an event that could represent a significant escalation in maritime tensions in Middle Eastlinked to the conflict Israel-Hamas.

According to what was reported byAssociated Pressthe Pentagon is aware of the attacks suffered by USS Carney and other commercial vessels, and promised to provide further information as it becomes available.

The Carney is classified as a destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class.

THE Houthi rebels of Yemen, allies of Iran, claimed responsibility for the attacks. A spokesperson for the group announced that the actions were carried out against two ships in the Red Sea, near the coast, as a response to the war in Gaza. The group described the action as aoperation which hit two “Israeli” ships in the Strait of Bab al Mandabusing a missile it’s a drone.

The two commercial ships hit today by missiles in the Red Sea “have no connection with Israel”: this was stated by military spokesman Daniel Hagari. ”One of them was significantly hit and apparently risks sinking. The second one suffered minor damage.” Hagari noted that the weapons, intelligence information and fighting techniques used by Yemen’s Houthi rebels “are of Iranian origin.” Iran, according to Israel, endangers freedom of navigation in that part of the world. ¬ęThis is now a global and regional problem. We’ll see what the reaction will be.”