Reggina regains victory in the championship by beating Licata in a comeback


By John


Scorers: 24′ Minacori, 32′ Saito, 5′ st Bolzicco, 32′ Perri, 38′ st Lika

LICATA (3-5-2): Valenti 6.5; Pino 5.5 (43′ st Francia sv), Calaiò 5.5, Cappello 5.5; Giannone 5.5, Currò 5.5 (31′ st Garau sv), Rotulo 6, Murgia 6, Lanza 5.5; Minacori 6.5 (31’st Haberkon sv), Saito 6.5 (34’st Di Fatta sv). Available: Perkons,, Cipriano, Pedalino, Giuliana, Scopelliti, All. Roman 6

REGGIO CALABRIA (4-3-3): Martinez 5.5; Martiner 6.5; (31′ st Parodi 6.5) Girasole 5.5, Adejo 5.5, Cham 6; Mungo 6 (26′ st Perri 7), Barillà 6.5, Zucco 6 (11′ st Belpanno 6) ; Provazza 6 (11′ st Lika 6.5), Bolzicco 6.5, Porcino 6 (47′ st Zanchi sv). Available: Velcea, Engineers, Salandria, Marras. All. Trocini 6.5

Referee: Selvatici di Rovigo 6

Booked: Belpanno, Cappello, Pino

Recovery time: 4′ and 4′.
Corners: 2-4

Reggina regains victory in the championship, beating Licata. In Ravanusa the Amaranths, down by two goals at the end of the first half, turned the game around with a great second half.

Three goals scored in the second half made up for an initial part of the match to forget. Trocini’s men tried to take the reins of the match straight away, but the game was slow and predictable for a long time.

As the minutes passed, the hosts highlighted some of the visitors’ tactical difficulties. Starting from the lack of ability to counter the vertical movements of the Sicilian midfielders, capable of conducting quick counterattacks which the Amaranth defensive phase has long struggled to oppose effectively.

Licata, also taking advantage of defensive errors, managed to take a 2-0 lead. First in the 24th minute with Minacori, who did well to get ahead of everyone following a short rebound from Martinez. The Spanish goalkeeper was not perfect in the circumstance.

Shortly after the half hour of play, however, Saito received a through ball from Rotulo and made it 2-0.

In the second half we saw another Reggina. The Amaranth team appeared literally transformed, dominated the game and had their opponents on the ropes with many scoring opportunities. The goal that closed the gap came almost immediately with Bolzicco, served by Martiner from the right.

The Amaranths had several opportunities to equalize and in the end they did it. The 2-2 was made by two new players: Parodi, with a cross from the right, and with the winning conclusion by Perri.

Seven minutes into the ninetieth minute, another player who entered the second half decided the match: Perri’s shot from the edge and a deflection by Lika. 3-2 and deserved victory for the Amaranths.