Calabria finally has its law on civic uses


By John

“After a year of work and close and energetic discussion with the competent sector, we approved the proposed law on civic uses in the Regional Council”. Katya Dearregional councilor of Forza Italia, president of the Sixth Commission for Agriculture, Forestry, Land Reclamation Consortia, Tourism, Commerce, Natural Resources, Sport and Youth Policies, rapporteur of the proposed law, amended together with the president of the Regional Council Filippo Mancuso, says she is largely satisfied .
“With the approval of the bill aimed at streamlining the administrative process that regulates the matter of civic uses in Calabria, we will resolve the many problems raised by the municipalities, speeding up and definitively clarifying the process of the procedures”.
Together with the president of the regional council Filippo Mancuso – continues President Gentile – we have in fact accepted the requests of the municipalities and technicians in the sector who complained about a block in the procedures and the consequent revenues”. Civic use is the right of the community to enjoy land or real estate belonging to the community itself. The most common enjoyment rights concern the exercise of pasture, arable land or wood. It is a right of very ancient origin, with a very varied content, which translates into uses aimed at satisfying the needs of the community. “This is a law – continues the president of the Agriculture Commission – which will finally make the path that administrations, citizens and technicians in the sector must follow much clearer and faster, in line with the national legislation in force and with the sentences of the Court constitutional. Not only that – concludes Gentile – our work also translates into the recognition of the environmental, social and cultural value of these sites, as a heritage for the benefit of local communities”.