Reggina secured fourth place and playoffs


By John

Five points ahead of Real Casalnuovo, six over Sant'Agata. In both cases with one more game to play. Seven days before the end of its championship, it can be said that Reggina has placed a serious threat on fourth place and participation in the playoffs. An appendix to the regular season, the possible value of which will only be clarified by how the events relating to any possibility of repechage evolve. The victory against Castrovillari was the sixth in the last eight games played at home. There was also the opportunity to do better, considering that the two failures were draws against teams from the lower part of the table, namely San Luca and Portici. Certainly the reversal of trend compared to the first round in which the team did better away from home is now a certainty. The favorable home calendar certainly helped.
However, the feeling is that Reggina has now consolidated its size: evidently superior to three quarters of the participants in the championship, but inferior to those who occupy the first three positions in the ranking. The amaranth path, which in some cases lacked continuity, and above all the direct clashes, told this. We have never won with the first three and the last opportunity to change this will be on Sunday against Vibonese. The match, among other things, would be a real preview of the playoffs as the two teams are currently third and fourth. The step forward is given by the fact that the clear successes with Ragusa and Castrovillari describe a situation in which a technical-tactical framework has been found with which the Amaranths are more easily able to assert their technical values. A Reggina that, in a certain sense, has settled in first place among non-top-level teams is not, however, indicative of a satisfactory path. And it won't be the case next season if we don't get to the only useful position to satisfy the legitimate demand of the market: the first.
The future is the primary concern of the fans who, in addition to the change of name and the reacquisition of the brand, ask for an escape from a category in which every match is a bitter pill to swallow. Even if won. Awareness also seems clear within management. So much so that we are already working to identify those profiles who can strengthen a squad that hasn't done badly, but not very well either, despite all the justifications at the beginning of the season.
Yesterday the director of the technical area Giuseppe Bonanno, speaking on the microphones of the official radio of the Touring 104 club, hinted that there may not be only three or four grafts that will be carried out as was said a few weeks ago. «It may be – he highlighted – that I would add a few more. We thought we would have this team growth more quickly and perhaps have more certainties.” Thoughts that obviously do not change the horizons of a group where everyone is under observation and everyone will have to earn confirmation. The way to get it is to do the best you can in the next games and win the playoffs.