Reggina, tomorrow is the Council of State. The note from the Police Headquarters for the fans who will be in Rome: “Here is where the reception area will be”


By John

Eve of the audience for Reggina fans. From the police station they announced, in a special communication, that: “All the supporters of the football team “Reggina 1914” who intend to travel to Rome to participate in the sit-in on the occasion of the hearing before the Council of State, scheduled for 10 am tomorrow, Tuesday 29 August, for the discussion of the appeal presented by the football club against its exclusion from the championship Serie B season 2023-2024, which the Rome Police Headquarters, due to the number of Reggio supporters expected and in order to guarantee the smooth running of the initiative, has identified in Holy Apostles Square the area designated for their reception. The rest area for the means of transport that will be used to reach the capital has instead been identified in Mouth of Truth square. The place identified for the initiative lends itself, due to its size, centrality and importance, to giving ample visibility to the participants and at the same time ensuring the best safety conditions, without creating an obstacle to the decidedly complex city road system, or receiving particular limitations that otherwise, it would not be possible to guarantee the headquarters of the administrative justice body, an area usually forbidden to demonstrations due to the restrictions adopted in the capital to protect institutional places”.