The wood sculpture symposium captivates the Lombards


By John

Enormous success obtained by the Pro Loco Longobardi APS, together with the San Nicola Saggio da Longobardi committee, the Santa Domenica Parish and the Municipality of Lombards who has sponsored and strongly supported this event since its inception. We are talking about the Longobardi violet aubergine festival in which the wood sculpture symposium also took shape for its first edition. A three-day event that enlivened the town and brought tourists from all over the world.

Internationally renowned artists such as Art-Henry, Ivan Mariotti, Adamo Kambi, Michelle Consalvo, Bruno Malvaso, Ferdinando Gatto, Pietro Bonavita, Giuseppe Curcio, Giovanni Leonetti participated in the Symposium.

The initiative had the aim of bringing people closer to the knowledge of the artisanal and artistic working of wood (but there was no lack of sculpture in local stone and ceramic mosaic), with real demonstrations of sculptures starting from the raw trunk up to the finished construction of a work. In fact, the event took place over three days in the Luigi Miceli and Immacolata squares, in Longobardi, under the eyes of passers-by who were able to appreciate the various stages of processing. The artists also tried their hand at evening spedd carving, i.e. the creation of small statues in an hour of time, precisely to make the many visitors understand how a work is created. Many citizens who hosted the artists and gave food and lodging are available to them, with many volunteers who have believed in and collaborated in this first edition.

It was a very positive and joyful meeting, due to the collaborative and friendly character of the sculptors themselves towards the public and in an atmosphere of true friendship between them… once more we can say that art “unites people” .

The works created will be distributed throughout the territory of our Municipality through a resolution of the council which will decide the various locations after hearing the organizers of the event.

The three evenings were sealed by the Violet Eggplant Festival of Longobardi, by now the acclaimed undisputed queen of the Municipality of Longobardi, so much acclaimed and praised outside the municipal and regional borders. Many dishes that have literally “fascinated” visitors.

“We still have many things to do, this is just the small tip of an iceberg that will invade our village, we just ask you to believe in it and roll up your sleeves” says Cinzia Presta together with Gustavo Vignale, respectively creator and member of the Pro Loco Board and President, “I have always believed that there are the skills and the desire to make Longobardi a totalitarian and extraordinary country in its uniqueness, it is time for union and sharing and this event can teach us so much” concludes Antonio Costabile, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Longobardi.

“We believe that art and society can join hands and get closer to people” explains Giacinto Mannarino, Mayor of Longobardi, “and be a means of shared expression and also of solidarity in these somewhat difficult times. Looking at art doesn’t have to cost anything and approaching it is always a moment of cultural growth that enriches us. Sincere thanks to all the sculptors who lent themselves to the realization of this event and to all those people who, by sacrificing their time, make Longobardi, the town of San Nicola Saggio and the Aubergine Violetta De.Co., a wonderful country”. really for the next edition.