Reggina wants to end 2023 with a poker of victories


By John

The teams that play best are always the ones that win. Reggina have done it three times in the last three outings and now they don’t want to stop, albeit with the awareness that first halves like the ones played against Sancataldese risk making matches that are within reach difficult.

As the home match against Igea Virtus, scheduled for tomorrow at 2.30 pm, seems to be. The opportunity to achieve the poker of successes at the end of the calendar year would serve to demonstrate that Reggina has acquired the solidity to consistently beat opponents of the same level as other teams against whom they previously lost important points.

For the Amaranth team, the additional threat is represented by the fact that they will return to the field just three days after the expensive match against Sancataldese. The Sicilians, however, had a rest turn. However, the technical difference between roses does not allow amaranth to take advantage of these aspects.
And not even to the possible emergency in midfield. Zucco shouldn’t be among the squad yet, just as it remains to be assessed whether Salandria will have recovered from the flu that forced him to miss the last round of the championship.
Trocini found himself having to deploy a new midfield line, with Bright on the pitch from the first minute. The 2003 class had been used very little until now, to the point of being considered one of the outgoing players. Catapulted into the starting lineup, he has suffered in some moments in his performance from the lack of playing time up until now. If Salandria recovers, he will be the one to play in front of the defense again.
The match against Igea Virtus will be a match followed by the long Christmas break and therefore conservative choices could be superfluous.
In any case, we still expect Reggina with that 4-3-3 in which there is a trident which seems to be the offensive solution capable of giving greater guarantees. Porcino wide on the left in the offensive phase is the player who can give quality suggestions to the center forward, while Provazza is an under who guarantees the ability to jump the man and great dynamism.
This choice also offers the possibility of benefiting from one of Bolzicco or Rosseti during the ongoing match. When the Argentine receives the right ball he is demonstrating that he knows how to put it in, the other is a player who has superior quality.
The idea of ​​seeing them together obviously remains valid, but today the best solution due to the characteristics of the staff seems to be alternation. It will therefore be interesting to understand if tomorrow Trocini will choose to field Rosseti who offers mobility or Bolzicco who has greater physicality and presence in the penalty area. Both are in high spirits following the goal scored in their last outing.