Metrocity Reggio, approval in the Council for subsidies for people with disabilities, interventions on the roads in internal areas and the regulation for hunting guards


By John

The last Metropolitan Council of the year met, chaired by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, which, among the 17 points on the agenda, also approved, unanimously, the regulations for the “provision of economic subsidies in favor of deaf and blind people” and for the “Appointment of Volunteer Security Guard , Hunting and Fishing” which regulates the coordination of voluntary surveillance activities. The green light, then, for a change in the budget on the subject of traffic which “allows – explained the mayor on the sidelines of the session – the securing of Aspromonte arteries and pre Aspromonte which connect various municipalities in the area, including Bovalino, Benestare, Careri, Platì or Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte”.

Key topics, therefore, were those discussed on the topic of welfare and on the relationships between Palazzo Alvaro, the National Agency for the Protection and Assistance of the Deaf and the National Union of the Blind.

«Since the day of its first inauguration – claimed Mayor Falcomatà – the administration has shown particular attention to the problems relating to people with disabilities and a special closeness to the activities carried out by deaf and blind citizens, allowing them access to any form of active participation in the initiatives promoted by the organisation. The regulation approved today, therefore, fully expresses the desire to reduce differences, break down diversity and concretely help full inclusion in the democratic life of the metropolitan city.”

«We codify – he continued – this sensitivity and, above all, allow it to be extended to other municipalities in the district. The act approved by the Council, therefore, allows the activities of the National Body for the Protection and Assistance of the Deaf and the National Union of the Blind to be planned more clearly, better regulating relations with political promotion. , administrative and social aspects of the Metropolitan City”.

About the regulation on the volunteer security guard for hunting and fishing, the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà reiterated «the lively appreciation of the routes promoted by the metropolitan civil protection which, recently, have seen the involvement of schools and voluntary associations with respect to topics relating to the protection of the territory and seismic risk». In thanking the commander of the Metropolitan Police, Francesco Macheda, the mayor shared his speech in the chamber, speaking of a regulation that “allows the body to regain possession of its identity”. «Finally – he stated – we are bringing order and looking to the future of a very important sector, involved in an area particularly rich in fauna and wild animals».

Therefore, there have been numerous ratifications of some resolutions of the metropolitan mayor, including the change to the 2023/2025 budget forecast for the renewal of the fleet of vehicles used for the provision of local public transport services.

Finally, the green light from the “Leonida Repaci” room was given to the recognition of off-balance sheet debts for final judgments and to the draft agreement regarding the assignment of the treasury service for the two-year period 2024/2025.