Reggina wants to regain the “Granillo”


By John

Reggina’s preparations resume today in Campo Calabro in view of the resumption of the championship. A renewed Gioiese arrives at the Granillo on Sunday and has announced the hiring of Ciccio Cozza as the new coach. An iconic name for Reggio football, who will make his debut in that Granillo in which he was the protagonist of deeds that made him a legend in Amaranth history. Trocini’s team has the obligation to regain the home victory that has been missing since January 14th. We want to follow the trail of the second half which allowed Ravanusa to make a comeback against Licata. A half in which, among the most positive aspects, were Bolzicco’s goal and the fact that the Argentine kicked repeatedly towards the goal. With a bit of luck his goal haul would have gone beyond a single goal. The summary of the matter is simple: if Reggina creates, the chances that Bolzicco’s scoring figures will improve grow, even though he is not an attacker with a great goalscorer’s CV.
The center forward has not yet hit the mark at home. His three goals were all scored away and in Sicily: in Ravanusa with Canicattì and Licata, and also with Sancataldese. To tell the truth, he had also scored a goal at the Granillo, but it was annulled amid the protests against Vibonese. However, the cold statistics do not take this episode into account. It is always the numbers that indicate the fact that Reggina must find a direction so that their strikers can make the difference at home. At the moment none of the attackers who have played most frequently in the center of the first offensive line have ever found the goal within friendly walls.
At the start of the championship the reference striker was Coppola and his only goal was recorded against Portici. However, Rosseti scored two goals and managed to enter the scoreboard in Castrovillari and always away from home with Sancataldese. We can therefore easily talk about a taboo to be broken, taking into account that the offensive numbers well below the average of a top-ranking team are one of the well-known critical issues of this season. Suffice it to say that in eleven home matches, on the pitch and therefore without taking into account the 3-0 forfeit against Città di Sant’Agata, just thirteen goals were scored and six in the last three outings at the Granillo. Furthermore, this week will be the one in which it is hoped that the recoveries of Rosseti and Renelus will be completed for a possible two-striker deployment.
Yesterday, meanwhile, a delegation from the club participated in the “Sports Day” organized by the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Scientific High School and the “Tommaso Gullì” Masters High School which took place at the PalaCalafiore in Reggio Calabria. The president Virgilio Minniti, the communications manager Giuseppe Praticó, the technical collaborator Paolo Albino and the footballers Antonino Barillà, Domenico Girasole, Antonio Porcino, Francesco Salandria and Pietro Simonetta, honored both institutes with a personalized shirt.