Reggina with a strong and clearly growing green line


By John

Over twenty games played is an adequate period to draw the first conclusions regarding the value of the Reggina squad. We are chasing a less than exciting fourth place. It is done with a group that has not yet found the full expression of the potential of its overs (and who knows if it will ever find it), but which has its best part in the young people. Precisely in those unders which, on the eve of each championship, represent an unknown for any D team. Even for the most ambitious. It wasn’t easy considering that setting up a team in September presupposed the fact that the best young players could already be settled in.. And instead, by analyzing the performance of the boys at Trocini’s disposal, we discover how they were often the ones who made the difference. Partly because Lfa Reggio Calabria (or new Reggina) had the privilege of picking up some fruit from a Serie B nursery (that of the previous club) and partly because interesting prospects were brought to Reggio.
The feeling that the green line of the amaranth squad is of a high level is strengthened by the exponential growth of players like Marcel Perri. From an initially shy player with little presence in the dynamics of the game, the attacking midfielder has become a pawn who also knows how to shift the balance. He scored important points for the league table and in Ravanusa with Licata he gave the definitive push to the Amaranth comeback with a goal and created the conditions for Lika’s trio. Raised at the Sant’Agata sports center, today he is a great prospect born in 2005 and owned by the club. After the failure of the previous club to register, he chose to extend his experience in the city of the Strait and the results are rewarding him. Already five goals under his belt.
But alongside him there are many guys who are proving to be a resource. Among those with high playing time are Zucco, born in 2004, another footballer who has worn amaranth for years, and Matteo Martiner. The latter, born in 2005, is one of the few not owned. He comes from the youth sector of Pro Vercelli, he is proving reliable both as a right or left back, but also as a fifth in midfield. A couple of years ago he was one step away from Atalanta and already has a Piedmontese Promotion championship under his belt, played at 16 with the Cossato team. Reggio’s Provazza (2003) and Cham (2005) are also owned. The first was already an offensive talent known to those who followed the young amaranths. The second, however, was a discovery and has all the physical potential to become a defender or full-back from categories higher than D, being born in 2005. Simonetta’s time could soon arrive (born in 2006), of whom it is said a great good.
In the list of interesting young players there are also Velcea, Dervishi, Lika, but also a series of players who are no longer under by regulation who are still young and who are proving to have quality. Among others Parodi (2001) and Kremenovic (2002).