Reggina with three heavy absences called to challenge the difficult Canicattì


By John

It’s not good news that comes on the eve of the away against Canicattì for Reggina. In the match that it will be played at 2.30 pm in Ravanusa the amaranths will have to do without Nino Barillà and Lorenzo Rosseti. Two heavy and not unexpected absences, considering that throughout the week there was a suspicion that they might not make it. However, it is raining in the wet, because Emanuele Zucco has also been added to the list of unavailable players. The midfielder born in 2004 suffered a muscle problem during the week. Bruno Trocini is confident that the team can still find the moral strength to reverse course. «We worked a lot – he declared the day before – and in silence. I expect a reaction from the team.”

The results that don’t arrive and the terrible home performance are alarming data. «This – explained Trocini – is a heavy shirt. We have an obligation for the city and for its footballing reputation to always try to win. We started with a ten point gap from the top, so trying to win every match without having the conditions to do so was a big burden and above all at home we lacked a bit of personality.”

Zanchi returns to the squad, having recovered from injury, and Porcino will finally be available. Regarding the latter, Trocini did not say too much about the position in which he will be used. «Toti – he recalled – is a quality player. He was a full-back, a midfielder and a midfielder. He knows how to play football.” It was clear to the coach that his task this season could be difficult, but the difficulties went beyond what was expected. «We had – he recalled – all kinds of problems. From matches every three days to injuries and questionable refereeing. However, there is work that can lead to building an important team which, with me or without me, can lead us to be absolute protagonists, if not this year, then next year. Now we will try to get as high as possible.”

When speaking about his next opponent, the coach used words of respect, but also sent a message to his team. «Canicattì – he pointed out – is a top-class team that leaves you little space on a rather narrow synthetic pitch. They must be respected, we arrive at the match in the right way. We have all taken responsibilities, now it’s time for the players to give clear answers too.”

The match is played with the Serie D market open. «There will be – anticipated Trocini – some outgoing and incoming movements. We know where to intervene, even if my first objective is to talk about the pitch and get results.” The first greeting was that of Ricci with whom the consensual termination arrived, a footballer with an important CV who ended up finding little space. «He asked – the trainer revealed – to go and play, he was one of the most penalized by the fact that there were four unders to field». In the last few matches the same rule forced Trocini to start goalkeeper Martinez on the bench. «Miguel – he pointed out – is a starter and a leader. A reference for all of us, he suffers a lot from this situation but this is the rule of this category that he accepted from day one. Even if he doesn’t take the field he is an essential player.”