Reggio Airport, Castorina: City Council open on Tito Minniti is an essential step to clarify planning and responsibilities


By John

«The Municipality of Reggio, net of direct responsibility with SACAL, has the moral, political and institutional obligation to open a serious reflection in the City Council on the future of Reggio Airport and with all the institutional actors who have responsibility and interest for our stopover »

This is what he says Antonino Castorina, cmajority municipal councilor at Palazzo San Giorgio during the work of the Control and Guarantee Commission chaired by Massimo Ripepi.

In recent weeks, on the one hand, there has been discussion about an opinion that the Municipality of Reggio Calabria should give regarding the possibility of building in order to proceed more quickly with the project to modernize the airport, explains Castorina, the routes to and from Reggio Calabria record very high costs with the cancellation of some carriers while the city experiences objective difficulties with respect to connections with the rest of the world.

With respect to this, therefore, on the one hand it is necessary that the Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà convene a technical table to find the best solution and resume the relationship with the Calabria region, it is necessary at the same time to convene a municipal council open to all the institutions and operators who care about the fate of our city, this is what the AVV declared. Antonino Castorina City Councilor of Reggio Calabria in the IX Council Commission.

Everyone must do their part without pretense and without looking at political colors concludes Castorina in the awareness that the right to mobility cannot be addressed only to those who have the resources to be able to move and in the certainty that if the situation of our airport is the one we experience there are probably precise responsibilities on the part of politics and solutions that can only be assumed in the highest democratic forum of the City Council.