Reggio, Archbishop Morrone’s warning: “The time for responsibility has arrived”


By John

«Reggio Calabria starts again from Christmas, stop sleepwalking». This is the message that the archbishop of Reggio Calabria-Bova Fortunato Morrone addresses the city.
In his homilies on Christmas Eve and on the solemnity of Holy Christmas, the archbishop invites us to welcome the Christian announcement of the coming of the Savior and consequently to emerge from a sort of “somnambulism” which as never before passes through the city, but also the Church, and coincides with “a sense of apathy and indifference that poisons thought and leads to resignation, already atavistic in us”.
The archbishop admits that «in our territory and in our city there are many small lights of proximity, solidarity, passion and skills in the educational, healthcare, administrative, entrepreneurial and charitable fields. But the shadows of political, social, cultural and even ecclesial self-referentiality seem stronger, dispersing in many inconclusive and frustrating trickles the many beautiful energies which on the contrary could converge in common objectives for the good of all, but precisely of all those who live in this metropolitan area of ​​ours.”
An analysis that the prelate also takes up in his homily on Christmas Day. Hence the exhortation to overturn the current perception of “empty ideal of civil passion and social responsibility which has negative repercussions on the cultural, ethical and consequently political side”. A context in which it seems that “everyone looks out for themselves, their particulars, their personal interests which emerge precisely in the crucial moments of socio-political choices, slowing down the relaunch and restart of our city of Reggio with negative repercussions on the entire territory metropolitan”.
“Who benefits?” the bishop asks himself, in replying rhetorically: “Perhaps momentarily to someone, but in the long run it will not benefit anyone, it will prove to be a detriment to everyone.” This situation «leads to a sense of widespread distrust and frustration and to the disesteem of one’s own capabilities and human and professional resources that can be deployed: “What’s the point, we’ll never make it with this situation”». It is the temptation that thwarts the hope of believers, of those who, in the birth of the Redeemer, confess the possibility of starting again, of being reborn even after many defeats or blunders.”
In short, no member of the civil or religious community is allowed “in this difficult moment” to wash their hands or turn away. For Monsignor Morrone, it is precisely now that “the responsibility of the Christians who live in this city of ours must emerge”.
Hence the appeal, especially to Christians «who live in the palaces of politics and administration: do not desist from having a broad vision of political action, as a high form of Christian charity, a translation of the Incarnation of the Lord. You do not lack the skills and the sincere desire to work for the good of all and for all”, the invitation of the bishop, who lets out a “Come on!” which sounds like an incitement not to give in to “pessimism or easy complaints”.
From here the call «to healthy believer pride but also to that which derives from human common sense and passion for the common good. Taking a step back or to the side, putting partisan interests aside, will be good for everyone, it will be good for everyone, the good of all citizens will be enjoyed.” The archbishop concludes by quoting Pope Francis: “When will we learn that we are a single human family, which can truly thrive only when all its members are respected, cared for and capable of offering their contribution in an original way?”.