Reggio: attacked, beaten to the ground and robbed of the dog. A 32-year-old was arrested


By John

Attacked, beaten and thrown to the ground by a stranger who managed to steal his dog, a Bichon Havanais. It happened in Reggio Calabria. The victim, with obvious abrasions on his arms, managed to give the police officers a description of the robber identified in the city center while he was threatening to kill the owner of the dog who, in the meantime, had intercepted him on the street with the intention of getting his money back. his faithful friend. The criminal, a 32-year-old foreigner, was stopped and identified and, in his apartment, the Volanti officers found the dog which was returned to its owner. The robber was arrested for robbery and personal injury and the victim was treated by the medical staff who attended, with a prognosis of 10 days. The judicial authority, informed of what happened, validated the arrest and ordered the man to sign twice a day at the judicial police.