Reggio, budget late: warning arrives from the Prefecture


By John

The Prefecture warns Palazzo San Giorgio and orders the administration to approve the 2024/2026 budget within 20 days. A warning resulting from the failure to comply with the obligations established by the law which had already postponed the deadline for approving the accounting document in the City Council to March 15th.
Yet the Municipality had managed to arrive in useful terms to approve the budget forecast in the Council. Indeed in the first week of March the executive had given the green light to the document, the first one less constrained by the blood and tears recovery plan which for years held investments and services hostage.
Then the regulatory process provides that the document must be examined by the Board of Auditors and the competent council commission.
From Palazzo San Giorgio they reassure that the document will receive the green disc of the chamber before the end of the month. It seems that the conference of group leaders should be convened on Monday to schedule the session in which the room will have to decide on the document. In case of delay, only temporary management is permitted, within the limits of the corresponding expenditure allocations of the last approved budget, if any.