Reggio, caught stealing in the centre: they flee, but are stopped. A 41-year-old man was arrested, the accomplice was not identified


By John

In recent days, during the performance of targeted territorial control services aimed at preventing and combating the phenomenon of theft within commercial establishments, the policemen of the General Prevention and Public Rescue Office of Reggio Calabria have a man arrested in the act of an attempted aggravated robbery against a public establishment in the city centre.

During the control activity, i policemen noticed two subjects, completely disguised, who in the middle of the night were fiddling with one of the entrance doors of that business.

Upon seeing the police car, the two suddenly fled in a car, driving along a city road and carrying out sudden and dangerous manoeuvres. After managing to block the car, the officers chased the two men who had attempted to escape on foot and stopped one of the two, a 41-year-old from Palmi with multiple criminal convictions, while the accomplice remains unidentified. The car, which was found stolen shortly before carrying out the attempted theft, was returned to its rightful owner and the man, already known to the police force for several thefts perpetrated in the Reggio area, was arrested for attempted aggravated theft and resisting a public official and made available to the competent AG