Reggio, great success for the Liceo Classico Night dedicated to artificial intelligence


By John

On Saturday 20 January the classrooms of the “Tommaso Campanella” Classical High School, directed by Dr Carmela Lucisanohosted activities, curated by teachers and students, aimed at illustrating new areas of educational research and methodological innovation to the present public.

Self Maurizio Bettini, classical philologist and anthropologist, in his latest essay he asks “Who is afraid of the Greeks and Romans?” there is only one answer to give: there is nothing to fear. The Liceo Classico fights fears: the fear of not making it, of not being up to the challenges of today’s world, of not finding one’s own path. This was demonstrated by the numerous former students who returned to their school as every year, as demonstrated by the curiosity and enthusiasm of those who are considering choosing the Liceo Classico in these days, during which open days and workshops follow one another incessantly in the various institutes, this is attested, above all, by the precious work of the students who, in this period of preparation, participated tirelessly, because they loved their school.

A high school that, remaining faithful to its mission, opens up to reflections fully in line with the challenges of the contemporary world. The Department of Philosophy and History continues its investigation: access to the most advanced artificial intelligence has never been so direct, explicit and immediate for anyone. It is necessary to know it, considering that we are truly faced with an epochal transformation whose outcomes, in terms of risks, benefits and potential, are still elusive. Studying philosophy, in a new and significant perspective, is equivalent to knowing how to orient yourself in the labyrinthine contemporary world. But isn’t the Labyrinth one of the symbols of classicism? The Department of Literature, in deep connection with others, strongly promotes and supports the learning of classical languages, fundamental for the acquisition of Life Skills (decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, effective communication). Learn to make decisions, solve problems, exercise critical thinking and communicate effectively to learn to live. These are the same objectives that Mathematics and Science teachers propose through research, experimentation and attention to technological innovation. A high school, Campanella, which is open to AI, but does not neglect attention to a more relevant intelligence, the emotional one, through the acquisition of interpersonal relationship skills, self awareness, empathy, because human relationships can be salvific in a world that seems to be increasingly less attentive to them.