Reggio, landscape restrictions in the Centre: the Superintendency backtracks


By John

The interim superintendent Maria Mallemace has revoked the landscape restriction that hung over the entire historic center (and beyond) of the city. Evidently the appeal to the Regional Administrative Court by the builders of Reggio Calabria, by many production associations and, lastly, by the Municipality has led the Superintendency to adopt more lenient advice and made it act in self-protection by withdrawing the provision of last March and postponing the “dressing” of the link to better times and after healthy consultation with the various actors present in the area.
The Superintendence has come to revoke the constraint «given the notice of filing and publication relating to the approval of the Municipal Structural Plan (PSC); considering the value of protecting the territory, which the Municipal Structural Plan is responsible for, in relation to a reference area coinciding with that affected by the procedure for the declaration of notable public interest relating to the object initiated by this Administration; assessed the need to better articulate the extent and quality of landscape protection on the same area of ​​interest, having regard to the resolutions of the municipal body and the imminent first applications of the aforementioned Municipal Structural Plan”.
The satisfaction of the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà is obvious and its municipal administration who «welcome the decision of the Superintendence to revoke the restriction of considerable public interest on the consolidated urban area called “Piano De Nava”.