Reggio, Metrocity celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Pythagoras Planetarium. Quartuccio: “It is a point of reference for Calabria and for the entire national scientific community”


By John

As part of the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Pythagoras Planetarium, the “Perri” room of Palazzo Alvaro hosted the conference “Planetarium, educational system and non-formal teaching”, which was attended by the deputy metropolitan mayor, Carmelo Versace, the delegated metropolitan councilor to Culture, Filippo Quartuccio, Dario Tiveron, national president of the Italian Planetariums association, Agatino Rifatto, responsible for teaching at the Capodimonte astronomical observatory, Anna Brancaccio, director of the Ministry for Education, Pierluigi Veltri, President of the regional commission for the Astronomy Championships and Angela Misiano, scientific director of the Pythagoras Planetarium of the Metropolitan City. In connection with the Vice President of the Calabria Region Giusy Princi. The event was interspersed with musical moments performed by the string ensemble of the “Francesco Cilea” Conservatory.