He killed his wife's cousin in Reggio and was sentenced to 16 years in prison


By John

Sixteen years of imprisonment for killing his cousin, at lunchtime on 23 November 2022 in the northern hamlet of Reggio Calabria, Catona, at the end of a dramatic personal argument, triggered by trivial reasons. The Court of Assizes of Reggio (president Dr Natina Practicò) condemned Giuseppe Sicari, at the time of the events 62 years old, employee of the provincial school office, perpetrator of the murder of his cousin, Francesco Giuseppe Fiume, 44 year old pizza chef. The Court of Assizes ordered compensation for damages “to be paid separately in favor of the civil parties”, recognizing a provisional amount to the victim's family of up to 100 thousand euros. The Judges set the traditional 90 days as “the time for filing the motivation, suspending until then the terms for the commencement of precautionary custody”.
The investigations into the crime were conducted by the Public Prosecutor Tommaso Pozzati and by the investigators of the Flying Squad of the Reggio Calabria Police Headquarters. The perpetrator had turned himself in after a few hours of the crime, confessing all responsibility although indicating to the investigators his version of events and the dynamics of the argument with his cousin with a dramatic and deadly epilogue.