Reggio, metropolitan council approves the 2024-2026 budget forecast


By John

The Metropolitan Council, chaired by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, gave the first green light to the 2024-2026 budget forecast which will now be examined by the Metropolitan Conference before returning to the chamber for its final approval.

For the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, this year too, «we arrive at the approval of the programmatic document well in advance, thanks to the extraordinary work done by our offices, by the manager Nicita at the head, but also and above all by the managing director Giuseppe Ranuccio and to all the majority councilors and delegates who contributed to the drafting of this document”. «It is – explained the first Citizen on the sidelines of the session – a scheme drawn up in full transparency, which ensures budget balance, guarantees essential public services and full and complete planning throughout the metropolitan territory also for individual application”. «We maintain – added Falcomatà – maximum attention and investments in the sectors of Culture, Territorial Marketing, Sport and, obviously, for the entire Education sector, for Schools and Welfare».

The managing director for Finance, Giuseppe Ranuccio, spoke on this point, speaking of a document that «translates the numbers of prudent and more than positive management onto the territories and individual communities». «This scheme – he said – is in continuity with the political and administrative action undertaken by the majority since the beginning of its mandate. However, it remains susceptible to variations considering the possible needs that may arise from time to time. Meanwhile, important investments in the Culture sector and in young people are confirmed, aware of the need to intercept their critical thinking as an opportunity to be seized for the social and economic growth of the territories. We will continue to promote research as well as art, development and tourism promotion by continuing to involve businesses and artisans to attract investments through the usual and profitable method of sharing and participation.”
Speaking of young people, Giuseppe Ranuccio relaunched “the excellent work carried out on professional training”. «Many courses – he recalled – have been completed and just as many will be announced». A passage was then reserved for the Personnel Requirements Plan which “will be revisited to fill some gaps”. «Our boys and girls – added the councilor – will be able to find a job and lend a hand to the organization which has a very significant shortage of personnel».

The forecast scheme also includes items dedicated to the safety of roads and streams. Ranuccio then focused «on the great ability of Palazzo Alvaro in obtaining European funds and, above all, those relating to the Pnrr which have allowed and will allow interventions on metropolitan schools and gyms», without forgetting the extraordinary experience of the “Aspromonte in city” which “saw the involvement of all the Municipalities, with exceptional results in terms of territorial regeneration”. «On the Pnrr – he continued – the opinion of the Board of Auditors which highlights the correct management of resources on expenses and controls makes us really proud». «In this scheme – added Ranuccio – the clear support for sport and major events is confirmed which, as we have seen, have had important economic and visibility repercussions on the entire metropolitan area».

An eye, then, remains constantly turned to social policies: «We are aware of how delicate and fundamental this sector is for our communities, which are called upon to deal with a public health system that records significant deficits».
During his speech, the Finance delegate repeatedly underlined “the administration’s strong and constant commitment to implementing every possible action capable of combating two authentic plagues represented by the lack of healthcare and work”. «Between international and economic crises which lead to increased costs on supplies – concluded Ranuccio – it is not at all easy to make ends meet. We, however, continue to see a healthy body, capable of planning, investing and avoiding temporary operations. This is thanks to Mayor Falcomatà, his administration and the precious work of the sectors that make up the organisation. I can therefore only thank them and those who collaborated in drafting the 2024-2026 budget forecast.”

Among the interventions, that of the councilor delegated for Welfare, Domenico Mantegnawho promoted the executive’s initiative by placing emphasis on the sector of its competence: «I congratulate the manager and officials of the Social Policies sector who manage to use all the resources at their disposal by implementing excellent projects such as those reserved for people affected by the autism spectrum or the inclusion of young people at risk of deviance thanks to the 3 million intercepted at the Ministry of the Interior for the promotion of the “I walk the line” program”.