Reggio municipal council, from zeroing to reshuffling?

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By John

One step forward and two steps back. Then another step to the side… A meeting with the Democratic Party, another with the DP and then another, first expanded and then narrowed. The “birth” of the new municipal council is very complicated, there is nothing natural about these hours in the city. It will be a coincidence that the sen. Irto, regional secretary of the Democratic Party, did he come down with horse fever just yesterday? Faced with Mayor Falcomatà’s constant changes in direction and perspective, his immune defenses also failed. But even with an Irto on the ground, the PD’s defenses towards its elected councilors remain very high and the mayor’s desire for renewal has crashed against this all-out defense, who last night seems to have definitively abandoned the idea of ​​the total renewal of his executive.
But the “concessions” made by Falcomatà (from the elimination to the reconfirmation of almost all the outgoing ones) at this point may not even be enough to quickly have a new council in Palazzo San Giorgio. Because there are still some corners to be smoothed out. It seems, in fact, that the mayor proposed to the leaders of his party to choose two names also among the outgoing councillors, the third would be an external person to be chosen together; but for the Democratic Party it would be an offer to be returned to the sender: three councilors (it could be a confirmation of those in office with a run-off for the exit between Rocco Albanese And Mimmitto Battaglia) chosen by the Democratic Party or the bank is blown.