Catanzaro, meeting with Ron postponed to January 6th. On December 28th at 9.30pm the only Italian date of the Portuguese artist Lula Pena


By John

The meeting with Ron and Cosimo Damiano Damato entitled ″I will become myself – the story″ has been postponed to January 6th. This is what the press office communicates for “You begin to make her love you”, the Christmas event promoted by the Municipality of Catanzaro and entrusted to the artistic direction of Antonio Pascuzzo. Ron’s management – we read in a note – has made it known that the artist, due to a severe sore throat, will not be able to be present at the event scheduled for tomorrow at 10pm in the church of San Giovanni Baptist. The long-awaited event will be held on Saturday 6 January at 10pm again in the church of San Giovanni Battista.

Also tomorrow You begin to make her love continue with the Portuguese artist’s only Italian date Lula Pena at the Oratory of the Carmine church. The performance will start at 9.30pm and not at 6pm as originally communicated.

Lula Pena he is one of the most interesting voices on the contemporary scene, admired even by Caetano Veloso, legendary interpreter of Brazilian music. Born and raised in Lisbon, she appropriates fado to go “beyond fado”, delivering it to the new millennium with a contemporary poetic sensitivity, bare and unadorned in her disarming simplicity. A shy and introspective artist, Pena sings as if in a trance, totally immersed in her music, in her world which she tells thanks to Portuguese fado, Cape Verdean morna, French song, Brazilian bossanova and Argentine tango, evoking Afro-Arab and folk atmospheres Americans.