Reggio, pre-agreement on the new platform of the supplementary decentralized collective agreement for employees of the Metropolitan City signed at Palazzo Alvaro


By John

The pre-agreement on the new platform of the supplementary decentralized Collective Agreement for the employees of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria was signed.

The document is the result of constant interlocution in the negotiating delegation between the trade union part and the public part and will allow – once all the necessary authorization steps have been formalized – to adapt the legal and economic treatment of employees to the provisions of the recent National Collective Labor Agreement Job signed last November 16, 2022 and valid for the three-year period 2023/2025.

The numerous innovations of the recent Collective Agreement have been the subject, in addition to specific negotiations for the matters indicated therein, of an extensive discussion in which the proactive spirit of the entire local and company trade unions has never been lacking. The fruitful dialogue also allowed for joint in-depth analysis of individual innovative institutes, conducted in close collaboration with the Legal Service and the Personnel Economic Service of the Metropolitan City.

Among other things, the parties have undertaken to jointly monitor the subsequent application of the contractual provisions, also with the involvement of the recently reconstituted joint bodies.

The delegation is also examining the imminent regulation for vertical progressions in derogation, already discussed on several occasions and which will be the subject of a subsequent and specific session, given the innovative scope of the institute. Positive discussion also on the “regulation for the provision of meal vouchers”, a document currently in the process of approval.

The definitive signing of the decentralized contract, which also saw the collaboration of the General Management of the Institution in one of the previous sessions, will make it possible to enhance the resources of the Institution according to principles of meritocracy and recognition of the legitimate expectations of professional and economic enrichment of the staff.

Satisfaction expressed by the mayor of the Metropolitan City Giuseppe Falcomat√† who thanked all the actors involved in the negotiating delegation for signing the pre-agreement. “A new step forward – said the mayor – in the process of increasing the efficiency of the administrative machinery of the Metropolitan City, which will allow greater valorisation of the professional prerogatives of individual employees and of the entire bureaucratic body of the organisation. An objective which cannot be taken for granted – he concluded the first Citizen – especially in a historical era which sees local authorities in a condition of structural difficulty with regards to personnel management, both due to the small numbers of operational units and the amount of procedures to be organised. in this sense, the enormous sense of responsibility and the great passion with which the employees of our Metropolitan City face the citizen service activity which should be typical of all public bodies, in particular those in the vicinity, must be underlined on a daily basis”.