War in the Middle East, Hamas confirms: “The truce will begin on Friday morning at 7 and will last 4 days”. There will be 13 hostages released tomorrow


By John

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has announced that it has received a preliminary list of hostages who will be freed tomorrow. Israeli officials are checking the details and contacting the affected families.

13 Israeli hostages will be freed tomorrow starting from 4pm (local time). The media reported it. This is the first tranche of 50.

The Israeli army has confirmed that it has arrested the director of Gaza’s Shifa hospital, Muhammed Abu Salmya. According to military radio, he was stopped while trying to reach the southern area of ​​the Gaza Strip from Gaza City, passing through the humanitarian corridor. The broadcaster added that he is now being questioned. Yesterday the Israeli military spokesman claimed that under the Shifa hospital Hamas had set up ”an important nerve center” for carrying out its military activities.

The news of the arrest was given by Khaled Abou Samra, a doctor at the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. “Dr Mohammed Abou Salmiya was arrested along with several other health officials,” Abou Samra had said.

Abou Salmiya told AFP he had received an “order” to evacuate on November 18 after refusing a previous order, while the Israeli army said it had evacuated hundreds of patients and displaced people from Al-Shifa at the “request” of the same doctor.

Hamas: ‘Netanyahu forced to accept the agreement’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “forced to accept the agreement” for a truce with Hamas, according to what Walid Kilani said this morning in Beirut, spokesperson of the Palestinian Islamic movement in Lebanon. “Despite some people’s opposition to the (truce) agreement, several factors forced Netanyahu to accept it,” Kilani said. “Hamas remains cautious about the actual entry into force of the agreement, given the lack of trust we have in the enemy,” Kilani added.