Reggio, support for the Bergamot PGI is growing


By John

The bergamot growers continue the protest against the choice of Occhiuto and Gallo to boycott the ministerial approval of the PGI Bergamotto of Reggio Calabria. After those of Roghudi and Locri and after the sit-in at the Regional Council, the bergamot growers will meet in Brancaleone on Saturday at 5.30 pm in the municipal library. The third meeting involves the participation of a growing number of farmers and is organized by the Committee of bergamot growers from Reggio together with Copagri Calabria, Liberi Agricoltori-ANPA, Conflavoro Agricoltura, Nuova Unci Calabria, USB Lavoro Agricolo and other acronyms and associations in support of the “Committee promoter for the PGI Bergamotto di Reggio Calabria” which has now exceeded 500 members for more than 800 hectares of bergamot groves in the suitable area.
Giuseppe Falcone of the Bergamot Growers Committee of Reggio is clear: «We will continue the information meetings because it is important to share the PGI Specifications approved in December by the Ministry and boycotted by the Calabria Region in February and to let all citizens know on what the great bluff of the PDO for the documentary and bureaucratic deficiencies. If the situation is not resolved in time, we will organize a large demonstration at the regional Citadel.”