Reggio, the agreement for the use of the premises in Via Crocefisso by the General Prosecutor’s Office was approved in the Metropolitan Council


By John

The Metropolitan Council of Reggio Calabria has approved the draft agreement which will allow the General Prosecutor’s Office to use the lower floor of the premises of the Metropolitan City located in Via Crocefisso and the Metropolitan Authority to be able to complete the renovation works on the imposing building overlooking on the Aragonese Castle.

Therefore, the administrative offices that manage the large judicial machinery of the territory will find new spaces and new comforts. A fact that, for the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà“is of fundamental importance.”

«The approved agreement scheme – explained Falcomatà – allows us to bring together a whole series of activities of common interest. Among these, there is certainly that of allowing the administration of justice to be carried out in suitable, safe premises capable of placing legal operators in a dignified working condition for the achievement and maintenance of legality”.

«For some time – the mayor recalled – together with the Attorney General Gerardo Dominijanni, to whom I express my thanks, we had been working to reach the conclusion of a very important process which recorded the precious contribution of our offices. My gratitude, therefore, is addressed to the Mezzatesta manager and the sector officials, as well as to the entire Metropolitan Council which, unanimously, expressed itself favorably on the proposal discussed in the chamber”. According to the mayor, in fact, “this is the best example of institutional synergy between forces that operate in the city to achieve the common good”. «Politics, institutions and the territory – he stated – must be happy with the result achieved because it represents a benefit for all citizens and legal operators».

The deputy mayor intervened on the point in the chamber Carmelo Versace who said he was “very satisfied with the positive conclusion of a process which, for several months, has seen us committed to establishing a fundamental collaboration for the recognition of the rights of those who work in law and with the law”.

«This agreement – ​​he added – finally comes to light thanks to the impulse provided by the prosecutor Dominijanni and materializes in the will of the mayor Falcomatà who, since his return to the Council, has given the necessary sprint so that our offices could bring this such an important document.” «The agreement scheme – continued Carmelo Versace – is formalized in three decisive moments for the life of the organization and the general prosecutor’s office. First of all, shortly, the administrative department of justice will be able to take possession of the ground floor of Tower A of the building in via Crocefisso, of which the institution will subsequently evaluate the sale. Therefore, the Metropolitan City, between now and the next 18 months, will be able to complete the renovation works on Tower B of the same building where the organisation’s offices will be located”.

In the opinion of Deputy Mayor Versace, therefore, “it was not just an institutional moment, but a serious and profitable response to the needs of workers, magistrates, lawyers and those who orbit around the city’s judicial machine”. «For them – he concluded – there will be a safer, easier and, above all, more dignified home where they can exercise and make their entire professionalism available to the community».

During the session, steps were also taken to renew the Board of Auditors, made up of two members chosen by lot from the Prefecture and a third indicated by the Metropolitan Council from among those registered in the specific regional register. The new members of the college, identified by the Territorial Government Office, are Nicola Morello and Roberto Pio Altilia. As regards the latest appointment, the “Repaci” chamber approved the proposal to confirm Bruno Censore who, in the previous financial year, acted as president.