Reggio, the Metropolitan City has run out of patience on delegations


By John

After the acquittal in the Supreme Court and as soon as he returned to office, the metropolitan mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà had focused on an objective: to obtain from the Region the delegations and functions that are assigned to it by law and are necessary to make the Metropolitan City function as best as possible (today a Ferrari with the engine of a Panda).
Meetings with governor Occhiuto followed and they were meetings that encouraged the mayor's expectations, because the governor proved quite inclined to give the Metropolitan City what is due to the Metropolitan City. But that little flame of hope of being able to obtain delegations and functions quickly went out as the weeks and months passed. The promises of the Region have remained the same and in Palazzo Alvaro we have become more suspicious and less conciliatory. To the point that the metropolitan mayor decided to write a letter to the governor in which, with great institutional courtesy, he reminds him to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to the Metropolitan City of Reggio the powers that concern it.