Reggio, the new prefect Clara Vaccaro: “I will involve the territory”. On migrants: “Welcome is a natural fact”


By John

«It is almost natural to welcome those who come from the sea, because they come from difficulties. They are people who need to be cared for and managed. Of course, there are security problems to deal with, so migrants must be identified. But they must also be welcomed.” As Clara Vaccaro, the first female prefect of Reggio Calabria, appointed on 6 November by the Council of Ministers, responded to a question from journalists on immigration issues. The province of Reggio Calabria, and in particular Roccella Ionica, in Locride, has been the scene of countless landings of migrants in recent years. «As always – added the new prefect of Reggio Calabria – we will do our full part. My method has always been to involve the territory. I have never forced anything on anyone. It is clear, however, that if one day I find myself in enormous difficulty and no one will give me a hand, I will ask for it out loud. It will be difficult and sometimes the discussion may not be easy. But I count and trust in intelligent management by the central authorities.”

Prefect Vaccaro, still responding to journalists, also addressed the issue of the dissolution, and consequent commissionership, of the Municipalities due to the influence of organized crime. «Every mafia-related administration of a municipality – he said – represents a defeat, just as it is a discrepancy for a municipality to be dissolved because the mayor resigns. Whoever wins the elections must govern because a municipality must be administered by those chosen by the citizens».