Regional anti-ndrangheta commission, Laghi proposes to meet the institutions of Cassano and Corigliano Rossano


By John

Attention continues to remain high on the criminal events recently recorded in the Province of Cosenza, in particular in the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea and the Upper Ionian Sea of ​​Cosenza. Yesterday morning, in fact, on the occasion of the meeting of the Anti-Ndrangheta Commission, the group leader in the regional council of “De Magistris Presidente”, Ferdinando Laghi, after President Molinaro reported on the serious events that recently occurred in the province of Cosenza and on a visit he made to the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​Cosenza, he further underlined the gravity of what also happened in the cities of Corigliano Rossano and Cassano allo Ionio.

«As already anticipated in the press, in relation to what also happened in the Upper Ionian area of ​​Cosenza – declared Laghi -, I proposed to the Commission to give a concrete signal to an area that has been marked by criminal acts for too long. Despite knowing that the Commission, for logistical-administrative reasons, cannot officially meet outside the Commission Room of the Regional Council, I asked, to give a strong signal to the communities, to organize at least one informal meeting, with all the members of the Commission, to show solidarity in presence, with the populations attacked by criminal violence and with their institutions. I must say with great satisfaction – continues Councilor Laghi – that the President immediately agreed and that he proposed writing to the mayors Stasi and Papasso – having already visited the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea – providing them with the availability to participate in a meeting which could be either an ad hoc municipal council or another type of meeting, useful for taking stock of the issue. Such a large territory – concluded Laghi – cannot be abandoned to its fate or left in the hands of crime”.