Regional Congress of “Action” in Catanzaro, the provincial secretary Guerriero: “A new season has opened”


By John

“A new season has opened that looks at the interests of the Calabrians and wants a more qualified representation for the city and province of Catanzaro and in the Calabria region, open to everyone’s contribution. We will discuss ideas with everyone, in any context and in any circumstance, to put the needs of our community back at the centre, to which concrete answers can be given, giving space to a high and qualified policy made by good people”. This is what he says the provincial secretary of “Action” of Catanzaro Roberto Guerriero who this morning spoke at the regional congress of Carlo Calenda’s party, held right in the capital in line with a renewed protagonism of the province of Catanzaro which boasts the largest number of members in Calabria with over 1,500 members.

“We have a ruling class that is enriching itself day by day with administrators and supporters, in all the municipalities of the province, interested in the great work that we are carrying out in the territory that we want to enhance with the aim of building a management that exists today, as tomorrow”, said the provincial secretary. Guerriero underlined that the provincial elections on December 20 represent an important appointment for “Action” which will measure itself first of all with “values ​​and ideas, and then also with numbers” .

“We will be on the field with an Action list built by administrators who share the path we are building – said Roberto Guerriero -. We are open to the contribution of those who want to share with us the challenge of a change made up of concrete projects, programs, actions, which fill a political void left by over twenty years of silence, omissions, absences and above all lack of protagonism of the people, that who struggle to make ends meet, who see their rights to health, education and mobility trampled upon. We are for the politics of doing and not with the politics of proclamations – concluded Guerriero – and we will demonstrate it more every day with our presence and attention, because we are “Action” and we move from words to contents that become facts” .