Ricadi, great success for the “Battiti Calabresi” stage in Torre Marrana


By John

The summer tour of the musical reading “Battiti Calabresi” conceived by the Vibono publisher Renato Costa ended successfully. The suggestive amphitheater of Torre Marrana hosted the last Calabrian performance for the current year. The show took shape thanks to the masterful interpretations of the voices of Pamela Bruno, Dolores Mazzeo, Giuseppe Ingoglia who enjoyed the musical accompaniment offered by the guitarist Enrico Damiano Vallone. This performance was enriched by the collaboration with Joseph Caristena who translated part of the show into English, making Reading accessible also to foreign tourists present in the stands. The event was also attended by the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Ricadi Domenico Lo Cane, the councilor of the Municipality of Ricadi with responsibility for Tourism Nicola La Sorba and the President of the Proloco of Capo Vaticano Giacomo Benedetto who inaugurated the evening with the usual greetings institutional