Cosentino loses residents: births down, mortality rises


By John

Istat draws grimaces that sink into the uncertainty of the numbers. Cracks that are discovered in the demographic fabric. Dunes drawn from the data of the permanent population census in Calabria which consolidate a scenario of solitude. For years, swarms of humanity have been abandoning this land stingy with opportunities, without work and without hope, especially for the youngest. And then there is the collapse in birth rates which leaves more rubble here than elsewhere. Since 2011 the trend has been negative throughout Italy, there’s no point in deceiving ourselves. A scenario that not even Covid has managed to clean up. And so, that dark evil, hidden in the alarming demographic diagrams, continues to distil concern.
Residents are decreasing in all Calabrian provinces. The greatest annual contraction is recorded in the Cosentino area with 1,576 fewer inhabitants. Since 2011, 39,487 people from Cosenza have ended up on the register of absentees, an urban settlement equal to the third city in the province, larger even than Rende. 36.47% of Calabrians are concentrated in the province of Cosenza (674,543 residents) despite a decrease in population density per square kilometre.