Roberto Vannacci embarrasses the center-right. The League: “He is an independent candidate”. Giorgetti: “he is not with us”


By John

«Vannacci is an independent candidate who will be able to make his own contribution and gather opinion votes outside the traditional League pool. Salvini has closed competitive, high-value lists where, obviously, there is no shortage of true Northern League members, outgoing MEPs and exponents of civil society, with a wide range of candidates. In view of the European elections, the League's political offer to voters is serious and complete, in the name of freedom and the desire to change this Europe.” As League sources.

Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti is trenchant, Roberto Vannacci «is not from the League» he responds to those who ask him for a comment on the general's candidacy for the European elections. Giorgetti is in Varese, at the League headquarters to support the candidacy of Isabella Tovaglieri. «She instead – he points out – is a candidate daughter of this land, she feels what people think, she serves the territory». No Vannacci, they point out. «Correct sentence and already contains the answer». On Vannacci's recent statements, Giorgetti only replies dryly: “I don't agree.”

The comment, obviously, refers to General Vannacci's favorable position towards differentiated classes.

«Concrete policies from the League in favor of the inclusion of students with disabilities». The Minister of Education and Merit wrote this in a note, Giuseppe Valditara. The minister illustrated the interventions implemented: «over 13,000 support teachers hired last September and other significant hires planned for the next few years. An important part of the Pnrr resources for construction destined for the redevelopment of schools to eliminate architectural barriers. The obligation for support teachers hired on a permanent basis to remain in the chair for three years. The possibility for families to ask that even temporary support teachers remain for three years to support the student with disabilities to guarantee continuity of support. 25 million euros for the use of artificial intelligence to support students with disabilities. 70 million euros allocated to private schools aimed at transporting pupils with disabilities. Other important measures being studied to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities.”

As regards mixed classes, we have the same position on disabled people as on Pioltello, that is, to encourage integration it is good that there is a mix and that people are used to being with those who have differences too.” Thus the Minister for the Family, Eugenia Roccella on the sidelines of the FdI programmatic conference underway in Pescara regarding General Vannacci's words on separate classes for disabled students. «Vannacci's candidacy for the European Championships «belongs to the League first of all, and in any case everyone is free to apply, it is essential that there are different components in each side».