Taormina, management of the Palazzo dei Congressi: the TAR agrees with Palazzo dei Giurati


By John

The act adopted by the Municipality of Taormina is legitimate and multi-motivated and there are no reasons to annul it.
The verdict of the Catania Regional Administrative Court arrives in the second dispute between the Municipality of Taormina and “Aditus” on the revocation of the management of the Palazzo dei Congressi.
After the precautionary request rejected in December, the administrative judges of the Fifth Section also rejected the arguments of the Turin company with the ruling on the merits and rejected the appeal presented by the lawyers Claudio Piacentini And Michael George against Palazzo dei Giurati, defended by lawyers Gaetano Callipo And Santi Deliaand towards the “Interguest Società Consortile”, second place in the tender, which did not form.
“Aditus” requested the annulment of the managerial decision of 23 October 2023 which sanctioned the self-defense cancellation of the tender for the award of the concession of the services for the promotion and management of conference activities and the organization of events and all the acts of race, from the announcement to the conclusion; furthermore it aimed at the annulment of the communication of 12 September and the managerial determination of 8 September with which the task was conferred on the accountant Salvatore Cardile for the preparation of the appraisal report and the calculation of the actual rent, with the Municipality being condemned to stipulate the contract and return the property or alternatively to compensation for the damage.