Rubbish abandoned on the street, the anger of the Reggio parish priests: “Serious situation”


By John

The parish priests of the Reggio communities, Don Giovanni Gattuso And Father Olivier Bitjocka Dupontrespectively parish priests at Reed-Shelter-Prumo And Vinco-Paviglianahave recently sent a “Pec” to the mayor Falconry and to the Environment Office of the Municipality to report «the worrying waste abandonment phenomenon» along the Cannavò-Vinco provincial road and to request «urgent intervention».
Despite the recent efforts of the Municipality to carry out cleaning interventions, the problem persists, with a particular worsening in the area of ​​the bus stop on the road to Pavigliana, often invaded by waste. This situation creates significant inconvenience for citizens who use public transport and represents a serious health and hygiene risk, further aggravated by the high summer temperatures.
In the “Pec”, the parish priests highlighted how the accumulation of waste “not only spoils the landscape, but also favors the proliferation of insects and rodents, increasing the risk of disease”. The numerous reports received from parishioners underline the need for timely and decisive intervention.
To address this problem, Don Giovanni Gattuso and Don Olivier Bitjocka Dupont have proposed the following measures: «Organization of an extraordinary cleaning campaign along the Cannavò-Vinco provincial road and other affected areas.