Ryanair hub in Reggio, Mercuri (Lamezia Libera): «Lamezia weakened»


By John

The president of “Lamezia Libera” Francesco Mercuri intervenes on the controversy relating to the decision of Roberto Occhiuto who chose the Reggio Calabria airport as Ryanair’s hub, judging the statements made by some Lamezia political leaders to be “unholy as well as worrying”. Those who support this decision and deny the weakening of the Lameto airport, observes Mercuri «demonstrate that they do not love the city of the Piana, that they ignore the history of the “Sant’Eufemia” airport and that they have reached the highest level of hypocrisy. You must not submit to the dictates of your party to obtain a place in the sun, but do the good of your city first.” For Mercuri «the politicians of Lamezia, as they behave, seem not to possess the political art so much so that the negative results are there for all to see. The true politician should be the one who takes care of his city and should be at the service of the happiness of the inhabitants of the same city. Instead, in Lamezia it seems that those who decide to undertake the “profession” of politics do so exclusively for personal gain.”