“Safe Halloween”: 50 thousand products seized in two shops in the Crotone area


By John

On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, the Crotone Financial Police has launched a series of checks aimed at combating the trade of potentially dangerous and counterfeit goods and products. The Green Basques of the Group, as part of the economic control activities of the territory, have identified two commercial businesses located in the Pythagorean province who had set up their stores with numerous themed accessories and clothes. The verification carried out on the products found made it possible to ascertain their non-compliance with the requirements established by the safety standards established by European and national legislation, as they were found to lack the information essential for the consumer such as for example precautions for use, the composition of the constituent materials and their description in Italian. The affixing of such wording, it should be remembered, guarantees the final purchaser awareness of the quality of the product and, above all, its use in complete safety.

In the course of these activities they were a total of over 50,000 products were seized many of which are displayed on shelves and, therefore, placed on the market. The seized goods include Halloween masks, other decorations in theme with the upcoming anniversary and protective cases for mobile phones. Said products, of total commercial value of several thousand euroswere subjected to administrative seizure and the inspected companies were reported to the Crotone Chamber of Commerce for the imposition of the expected fines ranging from a minimum of 516 to a maximum of 25,823 euros.

During another intervention they were Hundreds of smartphone covers and key rings bearing counterfeit brands of well-known fashion houses were seizeddisplayed for free sale within a commercial activity, with the consequent complaints from operators interested in the local Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of counterfeiting and receiving stolen goods. Furthermore, during the described interventions, violations of the tax regulations regarding the regular installation and maintenance of the fiscal meter and inspections on irregular work started.