Salvini in Calabria: “SS 106 priority, 5 billion investment. The objective is to reach Reggio”


By John

«Five billion in investment, more than a billion on this construction site: the goal is to reach the entire Jonica up to Reggio Calabria so that the Bridge is a piece of a single route that from Palermo arrives in Reggio, goes up all over Calabria, arrives in Rome, Milan, Berlin and Northern Europe”. Thus the leader of the League Matteo Salvinideputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure, with reference to State Road 106, on the sidelines of his inspection of the construction site of the third megalot of the project in Trebisacce (Cosenza).

«The engineers and workers – Salvini noted – are doing their best and therefore I am confident that we will respect all the scheduled times. We have put in the money, in the last maneuver alone we put in 3 billion directly from our ministry. For me the entire State Road 106 is a priority: it is one of the most important construction sites we have in Italy, I follow it weekly, it is also one of the most economically important ones and it is the one in which the government and my ministry are investing billions and billions of euros. There are complicated sections that also pass through the interior, there is the issue of expropriations, however – claimed the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure – it is my priority to finish the mandate with the Ionian state road fully financed and for most of the sections completed. I'm counting on the entire route to be financed and designed and then whoever comes after me will have the joy of inaugurating it completely.”