Samira Sabzian, the child bride hanged in Iran: accused of killing the husband who was forced on her


By John

She was hanged at dawn Samira Sabzian, a child bride who had been in prison in Iran for about ten years and had been sentenced to death for killing her husband. This was reported by the NGO, based in Norway, Iran Human Rights. «Samira was the victim of a drug for years gender apartheid, child marriage and domestic violencetoday he is the victim of the murderous machine of an incompetent and corrupt regime”, the director of the NGO wrote on Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam. Sabzian got married when she was 15 and four years later, in 2013, she killed her husband. Since then she has been in prison.

International appeals were useless

In addition to the NGO Iran Human Rights Also Amnesty International had launched an appeal to the international community to put pressure on the authorities of the Islamic Republic and prevent the execution of the woman’s death sentence, which was scheduled for 13 December in Qarchak prison, in the province of Tehran, but it was then moved to today. According to Iran Human Rights, after being incarcerated the woman initially refused to meet her two children in prison, hoping to obtain forgiveness from her murdered husband’s parents.

The confession and the meeting with the children

Starting from Iranian state media reports cited by some NGOs, in 2016 Samira Sabzian she had confessed to having killed the husband she had been forced to marry when she was fifteen. Last week, before her scheduled execution, the woman was able to meet her two children, aged 10 and 17, for the first time since she was incarcerated.

The Iranian legal system and statistics

According to the penal code of the Islamic Republic, those accused of murder are sentenced to death, regardless of the circumstances in which the crime occurred. The victim’s family can choose whether to accept the death penalty or ask for financial compensation. In Sabzian’s case, the parents of her murdered husband had asked for the death penalty to be carried out. At least 17 women were hanged after receiving death sentences this year in the Islamic Republic.