San Pier Niceto, caught with 9 grams of crack. A 42-year-old man arrested


By John

In recent days, the carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the Company of Milazzo they have arrestedin flagrante delicto, a 42 year oldalready known to the police, for the crime of possession for the purpose of dealing drugs.
The police have stopped the man while driving his car along a street in the center of San Pier Niceto. The nervous attitude adopted by the 42-year-old during the control operations led the police to carry out further checks which, following a personal and vehicular search, allowed them to find and seize two wrappings, one of which was paper. foil and one in cellophane, containing a total over 9 grams of crack.

The man was therefore taken to the barracks under arrest, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority. The seized drugs were instead sent to the Messina RIS carabinieri for laboratory analysis.
The proceeding is in the preliminary investigation phase and the principle of not guilty applies to the suspects until the final sentence, pursuant to art. 27 of the Constitution.