Sandra Milo was a thousand women. All true


By John

How many women was Sandra Milo. The airhead, the “Fellini muse”, the courageous one who accepted daring roles for her time, with the greatest directors, the B movie diva, the mother of «Ciro, Ciro!», the castaway from the Island of the Famous ( 62 days in Nicaragua, at 76 years old), the madwoman who with three other giantesses of the show – Maionchi, Berti, Laurito, very different and the same – went around in an impossible season of stubbornly transformed life, (always long live the bad girls). She who chained herself in front of Palazzo Chigi to give voice to the protest of entertainment workers, silenced by the pandemic (she was received by Prime Minister Conte). She who was a “blonde goose” and an “airhead” only to pretend, to play with roles and masks and definitions, or even fall into it and then re-emerge, and start again.

Because, despite her pin-up physique, her childish voice and her adorably cute intonation, Sandra Milo was anything but ditzy. Fellini himself (by the way, there are few more shocking definitions for a woman, for an artist, than that of “muse of…”, as if a woman, an artist, were there, an inert object of the “precious” male imagination: well, it’s not like that) had said, of the first time he had seen her, that he had been struck by “her eyes that were both mischievous and innocent, and she was laughing in a way that seemed to me like she was trying to make fun of me”.

Ironic muse, a thousand women inside the beautiful Sandra with gazelle eyes and round shapes, who played with that mask there, and when she was sucked into it – “into the whirlpools of life” – and overwhelmed she re-emerged and started again in another way. Ninety years of daring descents and ascents, within all forms of entertainment (cinema, series A and series B, theatre, TV, from “Little fans” to reality), and within a private life that often it was indistinguishable from the public one: immoderate, unruly, amorous and passionate Sandra. A thousand women, and all real.