Santa Domenica Vittoria football, when the ace on the pitch is the mayor


By John

The strong point of the freshman Santa Domenica Vittoria, in his first year ever in Promotion, could be the… mayor. Yes, the mayor Nuncio Spartaelected in the past administrative elections last May, will return to competitive activity and will be one of the key elements of the Gialloblù team that represents the small Messina town of a thousand inhabitants.
He anticipates it Antonino Mollica, coach, president and all-rounder of the team that leapt to promotion, after winning the playoff final of Group E last year in Linguaglossa against the Etna people. «We have almost entirely reconfirmed the same staff as last season which gave us the historic leap into Promotion – Nino Mollica tells us – it’s a pity that only Toni Orefice left for strictly personal reasons, however, we have strengthened ourselves with the additions Of Vito Finocchiaro, of Vincenzo Montella, former defender of Paterno’, Syracuse, Licata, San Pio. And of the young Stamuele Finocchiaro, from 2005 Emanuele Russo and then we’ll have one more weapon.’
For example? «Our mayor Nunzio Sparta’, 34, will return to play. I had him with me and I trained him when Santa Domenica was in the First and Second Category. He also played with Randazzo and Castiglione. Then, he moved to Rome for work reasons. Now, he is the mayor and he will be our central defender and he could give us the experience we lack in a difficult tournament like the one that awaits us ». Will there be special treatment for the mayor? «No – Mollica replies with a good laugh – he will be a footballer like all the others».
In addition to the mayor Nunzio Spartà, Mollica’s gialloblù team will be able to count on the brothers Alessandro and Federico Sparta (the latter 2003), two extremely talented elements, while another precious element of Santa Domenica is the sporting director Filippo Sparta’, for the series, the “sagra degli Spartà”.
As regards the goals to be achieved and the game structure, the coach-president has no doubts. “Our goal is salvation. Then, what we can get more, will be a gain. Unfortunately, we will have to start the season playing the internal matches in Randazzo, hoping, within the month of October, to be able to take advantage of our playing system. Preparation will begin on August 7.