Santo Stefano d'Aspromonte, inauguration of the new Carabinieri barracks in the presence of Minister Piantedosi


By John

The Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi participated in the inauguration of the new carabinieri barracks in Santo Stefano d'Aspromonte, in Reggino. The second visit to the province by the Viminale tenant within a couple of days, after the one to assign the new headquarters to the confiscated assets agency of Reggio Calabria. The highest civil and military officials in the region were present at the ceremony, which took place this afternoon, including the president of the region. Roberto Occhiutothe undersecretary Wanda Ferro, the prefect of Reggio Calabria Clara Vaccarothe national anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo the general of the army corps Teo Luzi. “I like to underline – said Luzi – the presence of children in this square, from elementary schools, from middle schools. Because if we all repeat for a moment we are working for their future.”
“Today is particularly symbolic – said Piantedosi – which makes me proud as a citizen and minister because it takes on a multitude of meanings because today we celebrate an important result for the State which steals assets that belonged to the Ndrangheta and now we give back to the community, to those citizens whose safety must be ensured”.
The new police station is located in an asset seized from the 'ndrangheta and after the renovation it was handed over to the force.
“I am very happy – declared Occhiuto – when on such occasions the State deploys the commander of the carabinieri, the national anti-mafia prosecutor and all the highest authorities. We must not retreat, we must not give in in the fight against the Ndrangheta.”

Video by Attilio Morabito