The tragedy on the Turin-Lamezia flight: Giuseppe Stilo was traveling with his (pregnant) wife: the prosecutor opens an investigation


By John

The Turin Prosecutor's Office has opened a case on the case of the 35-year-old resident in the province of Cuneo who died yesterday after falling ill on a Ryanair flight which took off from Caselle airport towards Lamezia Terme. At the moment there are no suspects or hypotheses of crime. The magistrates ordered an autopsy. The man had felt ill shortly after takeoff. The pilot was forced to return to the Turin airport. These are hours of great anguish and pain in the communities of Filogaso and Pizzoin the province of Vibo Valentia. The echo of the terrible news of the young man's death is still strong Giuseppe Stilo, 35 years old from Filogaso who died yesterday due to a sudden illness suffered shortly after the plane he was traveling on took off.

The man worked at the Ferrero factory in Alba and was returning to Calabria with his wife Federica Marrella (originally from Pizzo) who, in turn, suffered a slight illness. They got married in June last year and were expecting a child.

The reconstruction

The commander immediately returned to Turin airport where the plane was awaited on the tarmac by the airport ambulance and airport medical staff. According to what was reported by the City of Turin Health Authority, on board the aircraft there were two passenger doctors who began cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers assisted by the on-board staff, who made available the semi-automatic defibrillator present on the Ryanair vehicle. Before landing, the doctors, in addition to carrying out the aforementioned maneuvers, delivered two shocks with the defibrillator without obtaining responses. The two doctors on board helped the doctors who arrived in Turin in continuing the resuscitation maneuvers and at the same time transporting the patient to the ambulift where, after a few minutes, the ambulance also arrived with the 118 doctor who unfortunately, considering the situation, was unable than to declare his death.

According to an initial reconstruction, the Ryanair flight took off from Caselle at 11am and landed in an emergency in Caselle at 11.35am. The commander notified the control tower of the emergency but the ambulance that arrived near the runway would have had to wait for ten minutes for the procedures required for flight safety. However, a detail on which Sagat, the company that manages the airport, specifies: «The commander immediately returned to Turin airport where the plane was awaited on the tarmac by the airport ambulance and the airport medical staff. The doctor and nurse immediately boarded the plane and provided assistance.”
His wife, Federica Marrella, 33 years old, originally from Pizzo, also witnessed the illness and the rescue scene.