Scenes of class struggle (between VIPs, quasi-VIPs and nips) on the Island of the Famous


By John

Strange but true, this umpteenth, perhaps useless and in any case repetitive “Island of the famous”, which Canale 5 persists in staging, brings with it something different, starting with the hosting. Vladimir Luxuria it holds up well and without too much trouble a complex scene machine, between connections in multiple internal and external locations, rvm and studio, comments and scares. Nonchalant and not inclined to be bullied by her guests, she does not give in either to the fuss of Signorini from GFVip or to Ilary Blasi's half-bored and hasty conduct. Of course if she doesn't resolve her conflicts with the correspondent on the island Eleonoire Casalegno, the matter becomes complicated, but it has already been understood that the authors will have to act as peacemakers and mediators. The contestants are para vip and para nip, in the sense that the so-called famous have never been real stars but have always shone with reflected light. Calling them famous is hyperbole, “quite well-known” would be enough, the nips, on the other hand, are unknown to most but enjoy a certain following on social media, which, paradoxically, makes them more advantaged in the voting precisely because they can count on a hard core of followers. Given these premises, the plot is quite obvious, the conflict between the two factions is evident and pathetic, because the NIPs show off self-assurance by denying recognizability to the para-famous and have no intention of being subjugated, and the VIPs, for their part, considering themselves the elite of the small screen, would consider establishing an “aristocratic” TV government on the island. We will see how the class clash will end, with the first eliminations, also because in this edition the island of intermediate salvation was abolished, on which those who had been eliminated by televoting were temporarily beached and parked to be put back into the game later every episode. This time the loser goes home, period. And even if Vladimir Luxuria hopes for the endurance of the competitors and few withdrawals, the new Miss Italy Francesca Bergesio has already packed her bags due to injury and Greta Zuccarello and Aras Senol (whose notoriety is obscure to us), are walled up in their rooms hotel due to Covid.
As for the commentators, Canale 5 does not shine for originality. Sonia Bruganelli left the GFVip chair to sit on the throne of the island. Her observations are peppery and, often, moody, but she met her match with Luxuria who didn't spare her a dig. Dario Maltese, however, follows in the wake of Cesara Buonamici. He too was picked up by TG5 to comment in a calm and reasoned manner, which, obviously, is a contradiction for any commentator who wants to make a career.