School, Cpia Catanzaro: new associated offices Caraffa and Botricello


By John

The new associated offices of Caraffa and Botricello will be active from the 2024-2025 school year, which are part of the Provincial Adult Education Center (CPIA) of Catanzaro, a state public school for the first cycle of education. This was established, according to a note from the Cpia, by “the final decisions of the measure for the dimensioning of the school network that the Region has defined on the basis of the previous and preparatory decisions of the Province of Catanzaro”.

“The Cpia of the Calabrian capital, therefore – reports the note – will have a new and more efficient organizational structure, more responsive to the growing demand for school services by users. In fact, thanks to the education paths that the Cpia provides annually, in Within the scope of its training offer, many people, both foreigners and non-foreigners, have the opportunity to attend study courses, thus aimed at learning the Italian language; at obtaining the license for the first cycle of education also with a view to continuing their studies through the established courses in high schools belonging to the provincial network and to the achievement of skills, at various levels, in foreign languages, IT, STEM and creative disciplines”.

The Cpia of Catanzaro, led by the school director Giancarlo Caroleoin addition to being made up of 12 associated offices throughout the province (two of which operate at the juvenile penal institute and the Siano prison) is, for Calabria, the headquarters of the regional research, experimentation and development centre, which the CPIA of Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia refer as related school locations.