Capo Milazzo Marine Protected Area, the video of the Nature Trail has been published


By John

The video of the Naturalistic Path of the Capo Milazzo Marine Protected Area created by the well-known director from Milazzo has been published Giuseppe La Spada with the voice of Luca Violins dubber and official voice of La 7.
The Capo Milazzo Nature Trail is an enchanting place, where nature expresses itself in all its beauty. Through the breathtaking images you can completely immerse yourself in this wonderful experience.
During the video, you will have the opportunity to explore the path and appreciate the many activities that take place within it, a place guarded with love and passion, guaranteeing its conservation and protection.
The Nature Trail of the Capo Milazzo Marine Protected Area, within the grounds of the Lucifero Foundation, which leads to the “Pool of Venus” is truly an earthly paradise and we ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy this natural treasure.
The video was financed with PSR Sicily 2014-2020 funds, submeasure 19.2/7.5 thematic area 1 GAL call “Support for the development and renewal of villages”.
The video also highlights the rules for correct and sustainable use and the behaviors to be implemented to protect the ecosystem.
A focus also on the recently inaugurated “Lab di Lory” sea room.
The children of the Istituto Comprensivo Terzo of Milazzo, staff of the AMP Capo Milazzo, volunteers from Marevivo and citizens of Milazzo participated.