School sizing, “pressing” of the Municipality of Catanzaro


By John

At Palazzo De Nobili the discussion on the reorganization of the school autonomy of the provincial territory is still completely open. There are two lines along which the municipal administration intends to move to try to achieve modify the sizing plan launched by the Provincial Council and which sees the disappearance of seven autonomies in the regional capital, with mergers that have raised doubts and protests across the board within the municipal assembly: the first is that of institutional dialogue with the Region in order to find a shared solution, the the second instead aims to cancel the provision through the courts, with an appeal to the TAR against the provincial resolution, as decided by the city council in recent weeks.
A letter containing specific observations will be sent to the address of the regional Citadel. Already in the weeks preceding the launch of the plan, the councilor recalls Nunzio Belcaro, the Municipality had written to the Province claiming that there would be a risk of forcing the criteria and guidelines indicated by the Region. Now the new letter that will arrive at the Calabrian administration will contain in detail what the Fiorita administration sees as forcing compared to the initial guidelines: «We will have our say to the Region on the structure of the city’s schools – explains Belcaro – and we believe that this interlocution institutional is important to bring out our doubts.”