Science and stars, discovering the National Library of Cosenza


By John

With his nose turned up. What do the stars tell us? It is to answer this question that a group of students from the third classes of the IC “Emilio Bianco” of Montalto Uffugo went to the National Library of Cosenza directed by Adele Bonofiglio. The visit – which is part of the broader route promoted by the Emozioniamoci school network, which also has the library center and the ANDE association as partners – had the bibliographic exhibition “Sciences and stars” at its centre. Thus, last Thursday, the young students literally dived with their noses into the volumes made available by the library to carry out research on some topics relating to the day: The history of the universe: when and how the universe, the stars and the planets; The constellations: why do we observe the stars? Symbols, myths and mysteries; Traveling to the Stars: The Story of Early (and Future) Space Travel. To precede the moment of research carried out in the room dedicated to the art historian Giorgio Leone, a guided tour inside the historic building which houses the important library centre.
The children were welcomed and guided to discover the premises by expert assistants for use and supervision who explained to them what a National Library is and how it works. From how to search for a volume to how they are placed and ordered on the shelves, we then moved on to discover which are the most important sections kept. Numerous curiosities and questions were asked by the students who were impressed by the number (more than 200 thousand volumes) and the variety of books present. After the explanation of the contents of the Library and the restoration work of the most precious volumes that is carried out inside, the students were accompanied to the room where they then tried their hand at consultation and research. To close the day, there was an explanation and a visit to the archaeological area on which the structure that houses the Library stands.